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Free high-resolution satellite imagery and how to find it.

Where can you find free high resolution satellite imagery for your project, which is the best imagery and what are the issues with it? Continue reading

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Finishing the map, georeferencing the pyramid of Djedefre

Georeferencing a map of the pyramid complex of Djedefre, wrestling with inaccuracies, residuals and RMSE. Continue reading

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Wonky Giza pyramids: Oblique satellite imagery and georeferencing

Satellite imagery is very precise but can still exhibit parallax. This is a particular issue for georeferencing historic maps, demonstrated here with reference to the Giza Pyramids. Continue reading

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Kinky Temples: Satellite imagery ‘fails’!

What happens when satellite imagery contains errors? Warping of the satellite imagery has left us with kinky temples at Deir el-Bahri. Continue reading

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