I am an archaeologist and Egyptologist with over 20 years’ experience of research in the U.K., and Egypt.

Hannah standing beside a large red false door in a Giza mastaba

I use digital humanities, GIS and satellite remote sensing to investigate, present and explain ancient society and culture, providing a new perspective on our shared past that informs our understanding of the present.

I believe that the past can illuminate every aspect of our lives, challenge our assumptions about ourselves and our world, and drive us to do better. But it is only when we approach the past on its own terms that we reap the benefits. We need to undertake archaeological research and present archaeological remains with respect for the people who generated them and a determination to hear their voices rather than our own preconceived ideas. Only when we present archaeological data in their physical and cultural context, can we expect to benefit as individuals and as a society.

Beyond research, I undertake freelance archaeological work as a post-excavation researcher, cartographer and geographic information systems (GIS) specialist. I also teach courses on geographic information systems (GIS) at the Egypt Exploration Society and Southend University, provide Egypt-themed workshops to schoolchildren and adult learners and am Chair of the Essex Egyptology Group, and on the Friends of the Petrie Museum committee. I am an Honorary Fellow at the University of Liverpool. I believe that there should always be a place for Independent Researchers in academia and am a member of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars, and treasurer of its British partner group the Forum for Independent Research Endeavours (FIRE-UK).

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