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Peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings

Pethen, H. In press. Applying Remote Sensing Technology to Areas of Archaeological Interest at Tell Nabasha. In: N. Nielsen, Excavating the City of the Snake Goddess: Flinders Petrie at Tell Nabasha. British Publications on Egypt and Sudan. Peeters: London.

Pethen, H. 2023. Space and Topography in Ancient Egypt. Journal of Ancient Civilisations 38/1: 69-124.

Pethen, H. 2021. The Hatnub Quarries Industrial Landscape Survey 2017: Mobile-GIS Ground-truthing of the Satellite Remote-survey. Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. 107: 129-157. DOI:

Pethen, H. 2021. A New Year Pottery Corpus: investigating early 20th century excavation methods through the Hogarth excavation archive at the British Museum. Bulletin de liaison de la Céramique Égyptienne 30: 231–248.

Pethen, H. 2020. Accessing the inaccessible: Detailed ‘off-site’ archaeological survey using satellite imagery and GIS at the Hatnub travertine quarries, Egypt. In Jeffrey B. Glover, Jessica Moss, and Dominique Rissolo (eds.) CAA 2017. Digital Archaeologies, Material Worlds (Past and Present). Proceedings of the 45th Annual Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology. Tübingen: Tübingen University Press. 115–32.

Gasperini, V. and Pethen, H. 2018. A road from Bahariya to Faiyum: A study in remotely sensed data. Ägypten und Levante 28:181–198. DOI: 10.1553/AEundL28s181.

Nevett, L. C. E. Tsigarida, B. Archibald, Z. H. Stone, D. L. Horsley, T. J. Ault, B. A. Panti, A. Lynch, K. A. Pethen, H. Stallibrass, S. M. Salminen, E. Taylor, S. Manousakis J. and Zekkos, D. 2017. Towards a multi-scalar, multidisciplinary approach to the Classical Greek city: The Olynthos Project. Annual of the British School at Athens 112: 155–206

Image of the author sitting on a balcony overlooking an Egyptian field with a differential GPS.

Bardají, T. Martinez-Graña, A. Sánchez Moral, S. Pethen, H., García-González, D. Cuezva, S. Cañaveras, J.C. Jiménez-Higueras, 2017. A. Geomorphology of Dra Abu el-Naga (Egypt): the basis of the funerary sacred landscape. Journal of African Earth Sciences 131: 233–250. DOI:

Jones, E. and Pethen, H. 2012. Archaeological mapping and topographical survey. In I. Shaw, (ed.) The Gurob Harem Palace Project, Spring 2012. Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 98: 44–46. DOI:

Pethen, H. 2012. The old and the new in Egyptian archaeology: Towards a methodology for interpreting GIS data using textual evidence. In A. Chrysanthi, P. M. Flores and C. Papadopoulos, (eds.) Thinking Beyond the Tool: Archaeological Computing and the Interpretive Process. Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference 2010. British Archaeological Reports Publications. 103–122. Available from

Peer reviewed technical report

Pethen, H. Chandler, J. Bowsher, D. and Waller, R. 2011. Assessment of archaeological resource in aggregate areas on the Isle of Wight. English Heritage project no. 4769. Report completed for Museum of London Archaeology and available online at the Archaeological Data Service (

Research reports

Pethen, H. 2019 Researching the Hogarth collection of artefacts from Asyut. The British Museum Ancient Egypt and Sudan Newsletter 6: 22.

Conference proceedings

Pethen, H. 2017. The Stelae Ridge cairns: A reassessment of the archaeological evidence. In: G. Rosati and and M. C. Guidotti (eds.) Proceedings of the XI International Congress of Egyptologists, Florence 23 – 30 August 2015. Archaeopress Egyptology 19: Oxford. 481–486.

Pethen, H. 2014. The Pharaoh as Horus: Three dimensional figurines from mining sites and the religious context for the extraction of minerals in the Middle Kingdom. In: T. Lekov, and E. Buzov, (eds.) Cult and Belief in Ancient Egypt: Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress for Young Egyptologists 22-25 September 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria. 151–162. Available from

Catalogue entries

Pethen, H. 2018. Alabaster: The Golden Light of Eternity. In: Sinead Madden (ed.) Alabaster. Catalogue of the Exhibition at Ordovas Art Gallery, 20 September – 15 December 2018. Ordovas, London. Available from

Book reviews

Pethen, H. 2020. Book Review: Archaeology from Space: How the Future Shapes Our Past, By Sarah Parcak. Pp. 288. Henry Holt & Co., 2019. ISBN: 978-1-250-19828-0. Egyptian Archaeology 56. Available from

Pethen, H. 2017. Book Review: The Archaeology of Urbanism in Ancient Egypt: From the Predynastic Period to the End of the Middle Kingdom, By Nadine Moeller. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2016. American Journal of Archaeology 121.4. Published online at Published online at DOI: 10.3764/ajaonline1214.Pethen

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