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Archaeology and Egyptology in the media, from social media to national and international media. How it’s presented and how we ‘consume’ it.

Ten practical things I wish in knew in the first year of my PhD

What should you know to make a great start on your PhD? Here I share 10 things I’ve learned since, that I wish I knew then. Continue reading

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Tutankhamun, Nefertiti and all that jazz: What have we learned?

Almost a year since the media discovered Reeves’ theory that Tutankhamun’s tomb contained Nefertiti, what have we learned? Continue reading

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Fakes and conspiracy theories: A cautionary tale for users of facebook archaeology pages.

This post is dedicated to all the hard-working volunteer admins who monitor facebook pages and online forums. The experiences I detail below emphasise how important your hard work is, so thank you. The internet is a marvelous thing for archaeology. … Continue reading

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23 Vintage Photos of Egypt’s Golden Years

Originally posted on Egyptian Streets:
A woman reading a magazine in the 1950s By Mohamed Khairat, Founder, Egypt in the 1900s was a different place. Egyptian cinema was the third largest in the world, Cairo was a city that foreigners…

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